A police light bar used for rescue, search or other emergency operations needs to be reliable and also effective. There are some excellent options available in the market, especially T5 Fluorescent Lamp using LED segments, manufactured by reputed companies. These light bars are effective not just for providing lighting but also for providing several additional features which can assist in managing crisis situations. A great example of such a feature is the traffic advisor or arrow LED bars which are used for redirecting traffic to clear out alleys and roads for rescue vehicles. Traffic redirection is an important task especially when evacuation of an area has to be done. To avoid confusion bright and flashy LED bars can double up as traffic lights to manage proper traffic redirection.

A police light bar can cost anywhere between $100 to $600 or sometimes even more, depending on what it offers. For example, some police light bars in amber, with the right dimensions for portability come with warning lights, strobe lights and flash lights along with unobstructed 360 degree lighting. These light bars can be full sized with dozen LED lights or mini size with half a dozen or just 4 lights that can provide sufficient lighting. Rotator light bars are also available for all round visibility. These can rotate at a speed of 175 rpm and also provide a high flashing rate in excess of 100 flashes per minute.

Optical elements like polycarbonate lenses and full size diamond mirrors are also used to enhance the effectiveness of the police light bar. Mini light bars can come with flush mounting Edison Bulb for flat surfaces. Magnetic mounting is ideal for metallic surfaces as it provides hassle free but extremely stable mounting. Moreover, improvisation is also seen in the design of these light bars with modular design. The innovative design allows proper servicing and independent access to the parts of the light bar.

A mini police light bar that is reasonably inexpensive can also be purchased depending upon the immediate need. These mini light bars usually come with twin lamps, sometimes with rotating ability to provide unobstructed light. The light bar casings in some cases are frosted to lower the hot spot emissions. Transparent casings or white translucent casings are also used to encapsulate the LED in some cases to not only protect the light emitting diodes but to also spread the beam in all directions. There are blue, amber and red models, all of which adhere to the standards and regulations for emergency lighting.

If space or bulkiness is a constraint it is also possible to install slim light bars with a single tier of super bright LEDs. Strobe light bars can also be used with permanent mounting, ideal for cop vehicles which need the LED bars while on different missions. The LED police light bar comes with mounting hardware set that includes clamps, interconnect wires and other accessories. You can also easily get lens and filter replacements, although LEDs last for a long time and can be used in excess of 100,000 hours.