Lights bulbs or incandescent lamps own their development to several researchers and we need to thank them for providing such a bright and an inexpensive source of artificial light. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, light bulbs illuminate homes, offices, colleges, and every other conceivable space or structure.

Consumers purchase bulbs on the basis of watts or electric power consumed. A high watt bulb provides greater light than a lower watt bulb and can be used in areas that need to be well lit, for example, the study or the porch.

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A light bulb's outer structure is made of glass and inside it is either vacuum or filled with a noble gas. Inside the bulb is a tungsten filament through which electric current is passed. This heats up the filament leading to visible light. One problem with light bulbs is that the heat causes the filament to evaporate reducing the longevity of the bulb. In conventional bulbs, the evaporated filament causes darkening of the inner surface of the light bulb, while in vacuum bulbs the entire surface is uniformly blackened. If a noble gas is used inside the bulb, only the uppermost part of the glass case darkens. Some old lamps used in theatres and lighthouses contained a dusting of tungsten powder along with a thick filament. The cleaner would simply shake the bulb and the powder would remove the tungsten deposit and, therefore, the blackening.

The incandescent light bulb is affected by voltage fluctuations. A lower voltage than normal reduces the light emitted by the bulb significantly, but also increases its life-span. The LED Candle Lights continues to be a popular form of domestic lighting, used in table lamps, floor lamps and wall niches. Low watt bulbs are also used as night bulbs. Flashlights and some car headlights also contain light bulbs. The fluorescent light is, however, fast replacing the light bulb in many applications. This is because it offers greater energy efficiency and has higher longevity.

Most of the electric current consumed by an incandescent lamp is emitted as heat rather than visible light. Therefore, these bulbs are significantly less efficient producers of light than fluorescent lamps. In addition, the excess heat generated by light bulbs increase the need for air-conditions during warm weather. Therefore, these bulbs are losing space in commercial establishments to fluorescent lights.