And of course, don't forget about the hand painted originals that can be found at discriminating local shops or from quality dealers across the World Wide Web. The entire wall was covered with this repeating pattern, including the light switchplate covers, for back then the covers were considered to be more of a hindrance than today's decorative mini works of art. Even if you have a hard-to-fit size, you'll undoubtedly be able to find the perfect size from a specialty shop.[标签:标题] How many times have you settled for a plain, white light switchplate cover because you couldn't find the right shade of color to contrast or compliment your walls and the rest of your home's decorative items? Or maybe you chose boring white because you didn't realize that the latest trend in home dcor is decorative light switchplate covers for every room in your house!

I remember back in the day when I was about 7 or 8 years old, I'd go to my grandmother's house on a Sunday afternoon for dinner. Maybe it's because of the generally small space coupled with an undying need to coordinate everything possible.

Interior design is still focusing on a wide-open floor plan, creating an airy feel while still being able to maintain a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. It was off white with a slightly fuzzy, golden fleur-de-lis pattern running through. One such item, the decorative light switchplate cover, can fulfill this task while becoming the muse, or inspiration for the rest of the room's dcor. Cleverly placed details can make or break this atmosphere, and can act as a centrally located focal point for all. Whatever the case, it's time to spread the news and spread the art to LED Bulbs every room in your home!

Today's decorative light switchplate covers can be as unique or passive as you'd want them to be. Antique pewter, brushed or satin nickel, and mottled antique copper are just a few simple ideas to keep your light switchplate covers apart from the norm.

. Why? Because it's a detail that can be easily grown into a theme, either color, style or story; it's all up to the decorator in you. Maybe it's just because this particular room has a wider selection of coordinating details available at every discount LED Filament Bulb department store in town, turning the light switchplate cover from a piece of plastic covering a hole and some wires into a miniature work of art.

It's sort of funny, really, how the one room of the house that doesn't get overlooked for a coordinated light switchplate cover is the bathroom. I specifically remember the wallpaper in the dining room.