Navigation mark light, traffic lights in order to ensure the ship in the night safe navigation in some beacon. It issued the provisions of a light color and flash frequency during the night, to achieve the required illumination angle and visibility distance. Beacon lights are fixed beacons, light buoys, lightship and the lighthouse of four kinds. Fixed beacons, light buoys, light vessels for navigation and warning beacons. The lighthouse at sea day and night issued identifiable signal for the ship to determine the site and provide hazard warning to ships.LED lantern is in recent years generally to promote a new type of navigation lights, more and more get the attention of maritime branch. Reasonable selection and proper use of LED lantern is very important.

In addition to the planar application LED light source applied to beacon lights, revolving lights for bridge mark and beyond, more LED lantern ring to application. At present, all the countries in the world navigation manufacturers on LED navigation mark light parameters definition still use the exit surface of the light intensity and the vertical divergence angle of two indicators.LED monomer device as a light source when in application, usually with a certain angle of view, namely in the predetermined angle range to ensure the light intensity, intensity attenuation of outside perspective, the perspective that light intensity / characteristic curve, LED monomer device is a directional light source, rather than the solid angle of four space point light source, using LED device manufacturing ring to light, the lens is different from the common point light source lens.For the Beacon LED ring light, LED is a special light source. The lens will be on semiconductor chips together to the point light source will be a three-dimensional angle, the light beam in the nominal three-dimensional angle, the light output.

Such as three-dimensional viewing angle of thirty degree LED device, that is three-dimensional point in thirty degree in the nominal output light intensity, and more than thirty degree, the strong will be relatively fast decay. The beacon light LED ring will be a viewing angle of the evenly LED devices arranged in a certain diameter of the circle, if we have this arrangement is that the circumference LED devices emitting circumference LED ring, then on to beacon light special design of the ring to the Philippine Cornell lens is a lens to focus light emitting circumference; light up with lens circumference the distance between surfaces is the special lens focal length. Compared to LED ring buoy light to the traditional single cone, Cornell lens beacon lights, the difference in the former of the lens is focused on the center of the lens, while the latter is the luminous on the circumference.One.  LED navigation mark lamp having good standard light distribution characteristicStandard light distribution index for general use standard light distribution curve representation, can visually in a plurality of concentric circular saw its peak valley values, and through the coordinates on the accurate positioning to determine peak - valley value percentage. Standard light distribution characteristics of excellent navigation lights, the peak valley values are less than 10 per.Two. LED lantern can adopt advanced driving circuitModern LED lantern must have a high conversion efficiency of the drive circuit (general use switch power supply), the software realization of high precision flash cycle; self testing circuit and computer with standard serial intelligent control circuit, which can conveniently access various types of telemetering and remote control system or AIS system. Three. 

LED lantern has high optical / electrical conversion efficiencyLED lantern, in the same power, the divergence angle conditions, light intensity value is higher, the optical / electrical conversion efficiency is high, use of more power. Improved optical / electrical conversion efficiency a lot of ways, but mainly is design a reasonable control and power driving circuit.Four. LED navigation mark lamp having good overall protection performanceLED lantern due to save the traditional bulb changing device of mechanical moving parts, can be made into a whole lamp watertight structure. The watertight structure, even if the lamp is immersed in the water, in addition to the normal working outside can also through non-contact mode to realize remote monitoring.LED lantern can also be widely used in coastal, inland river navigation marks, it also can be used in high altitude obstacle lights, oil platform explosion proof lamp.