Bundled packages will contain more than one service like satellite/internet/phone. You can analyze these plans like you compare individual packages. Bundles save on some of the costs and may benefit from sharing of the same equipment. So compare the cost of the single service plans and then compare the cost of those plans together with the bundled plan. If the total costs are comparable, then you can need to analyze the individual services more closely to see if you would be better off with separate packages and separate providers rather than an all in one.
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Cable ties, available in different colours and textures is a sort of a snap that is used for the purpose of fastening several assortments of cable or wires together. It has both commercial and military uses. Moreover, it has many colloquial terms such as, 'rat belt', 'quick draw', 'mouse belt', 'tie wrap'.

Cable ties have a tough nylon strip with a cog included and the other end having a ratchet with a small case for tying up together. The pointed tip of the cable is used to pull through this open case for fastening things together, be it a bundle of wires or any other thing meant to be tied securely. In other words, it helps keep them organized into a cable tree. However, once the cable tie goes past the ratchet, the resultant loop can only be made tighter and cannot be pulled in the reverse direction.

Furthermore, a cable tie tensioning device is also useful to achieve a particular extent of tension while tying things up and it also cuts off any extra tail to keep away from injuries as a result of any sharp edge left behind.

It is also used as an improvised handcuff in places like USA, UK and Panama. These, specifically made for the prisoners are also known as 'plasticuffs' which are made keeping the cable tie design in focus. One of its other uses is to avoid wheel trims termed as 'hubcaps' from falling off vehicles while in journey. Therefore, various designs and sizes of Firm alarm cable ties are available according to different uses these days.