So we leave for a two week holiday with a backpack packed with half our wardrobe. After going around the world twice, I couldn't agree with that statement more. Now, let's take a look at your toiletry list. This packing list will usually ends up pretty long. You're going on a trip not to a corporate function so lose the cosmetics and facial products. From clothes, to toiletries, to electronics, to jackets, and everything in between. The next step is to just throw out another half. Packing light helps you avoid fees on airlines, saves space, and gives you less weight to carry, and allows you more freedom.

When I travel, all of my belongings fit into a tiny daypack and a large backpack or duffel bag.

Ok, final step on the path to packing light. Take half as many clothes. If you are staying at a b &b, you don't even need soap or shampoo since it is provided for you. If you do get sick, you can always by Tylenol medicine there. I have traveled for over a year without ever needing anything more. That is the trick to packing light.

. Wear many longer or don't wear any! You never wear everything you take POE Switches Suppliers and unless spill something or sweat through your shirt, you can use it for more than one day. We typically pack lots of clothes and stuff because we feel that you never know what might happen.

There's an ancient phrase that when you travel you should pack half as much as you need but double the amount of money you bring.

Next, look at your list and think about it in relation to your trip. In fact, I often find I still pack too much!! When friends come and visit me, I am amazed that they took so much stuff. What can you buy there if you really need it? Probably lots. However, the secret to travel is to pack light. When we travel, we plan too much. Things don't get very dirty and you can wear the same shorts a few days in a row. If you follow my opinion, I guarantee you will pack light and make the whole packing process much easier. Get rid of the towel- just borrow the one from the hotel.

What about the non-medical supplies your packing? Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, and shaving cream is what you need.

That's it. Take only the bare essentials. You can't take it on the plane anyways.

Let's be real- do you ever use most of them? Can't you buy them at your destination? So go minimal.
Here's how I pack light and how you can too:

First, scribble a list of everything you think you might want.

Now, think about your packing list. But that's ok, we'll get it down fast. It's very important to pack very little on your holiday. You are holiday, relaxing. They ask me my tips on packing light. Everything and anything. If you are going to the islands, do you really want pants or jeans? If you are going to Rome in July, do you really want to pack long sleeve shirts?

Next, you should have cut your packing list down a bit by eliminating those items that didn't really have much to do with your destination. Cutting, cutting, and cutting until you get to the essential items you need to pack. A few pills that take up only a little space- you don't need the whole box.

It is often said that the stuff we own, ends up owning us. We often go on an adventure and only end up using half of what we took, upset we took so much in the first place. We've probably cut out a lot of your CCTV Cables manufacturers list now. I'll tell you what I tell them. Why are you bringing so much? In this age of over caution, people tend to pack every medicine known to man just in case. Toss the bug spray, the suntan lotion, and whatever else you are bringing.