Some new light units can be programmed to display a LED warning light message and these can often be seen on our highways. The fatality figures were rising and something had to be done, as drivers were not being careful or sensible enough around accident scenes. The power usage is minimal and the lights also last much longer that other kinds of light. Emergency vehicles respond to priority calls and they need to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Whereas you may once have seen a full light board at the roadside, the smaller units can be displayed from rear or front windows. The 'move over' law has been implemented with a view to cutting the injury and fatalities every year caused to first response personnel. Full lightbars can incorporate all kinds of variations and color LED Bulbs options so they can be virtually tailored to your specific requirements.

If you happen upon a road traffic accident, you will see the LED warning light at the scene and will have to adhere to any published state move over laws. The lights on vehicles also offer protection for the personnel as they can help them move through traffic safely. LED lighting is very high output light so they are visible in poor conditions at a distance, again making them ideal for emergency vehicles. At the very least in such situations you would be expected to pull over and drop speed to let the vehicle pass safely and with speed.

By far the biggest plus in using LED warning light above any other is that they are very economical to run.[标签:标题] Any flashing LED warning light you see in your rear view mirror whilst on the highway can mean only one thing, an emergency vehicle is approaching and needs to pass.

LED warning light units can be anything from a single strobe to a full-tiered lightbar with traffic advisors. The units can be plugged into a cigarette lighter, they are up, and running in seconds, giving you the protection and warning you need.

If you are stranded in a broken down vehicle on a deserted highway then you need a method to draw attention to yourself and a LED warning light would be ideal. At a roadside accident or incident, you will generally have to move to an adjacent lane and drop your speed to avoid the personnel working at the scene. Warning lights are LED Candle Lights crucial to inform road users of hazard and danger and in that respect, they can be lifesavers. The LED light units have very little power usage so they will not drain your battery, which makes them perfect emergency lighting. LED lighting is the lighting of the future for emergency vehicles keeping us safe on our roadways. What do you do in such circumstances? You adhere to your state's 'move over' law unless you want a hefty fine and penalty points on your license.

Some of the smaller LED warning light units can be used by the general public in the case of emergencies.